Carignan Blanc, RARE - Olivier Coste


It's very rare to taste a single variety Carignan Blanc, and this is one that you should imprint with should you get the chance. Ripe and expansive, reflective of the Languedoc sun, with ripe melon, tangerine, cold cream, pineapple rind and spicy energy to a warming finish

VINTAGE: 2018.

ORIGIN: Castelnau-de-Guers, Hérault, Vin de France.


GRAPES: Carignan blanc.

SOILS: Limestone.

WINEMAKING: Grapes are harvested at night to avoid oxidation. They are destemmed before a 24-hour maceration. Then, they are pressed and ferment at low temperature to promote freshness and aromatic expression.

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