Vilmas Swedish Organic Crackers (gluten-free)


This cracker is made by a bakery dedicated to gluten-free and wheat-free. That means that they don't allow any products containing wheat or gluten into the production area, so there is no risk of contamination with wheat or gluten.

All grains we use are certified gluten-free and tested for gluten per batch. Finished products are regularly tested for gluten.

Choose between Black&White, Cinnamon or Rosemary.

Black&White (Sesame + Poppy Seed): Sticks of whole grain crispbread topped with lots of black and white sesame seeds, poppy seeds and sea salt. They have a nutty and peppery flavour that fits perfectly for cheese and dinners.

Cinnamon: Delicately sweet, baked with bakery's sourdough and whole grains. They do not need any topping but fit well with feta cheese, a bit of honey or jam. Elegant with coffee or tea.

Rosemary: Topped with coarse sea salt. Elegant for dinner. Rosemary crispbread sticks taste best with some spiced butter or cheese mix.