Tuyau de Poele


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Le Tuyau de Poêle has a slightly bloomy grey ash rind and a very white interior that is unctuous and crumbly. It features fresh goat milk aromas and medium intensity flavours that are lactic, lightly salted and delicately tangy.

The origin of this cheese’s name is obvious: it has the shape, size and colour of a stove pipe.


Fromagerie Ruban Bleu was one of the first cheesemakers to sell goat cheese in Québec. In the early 1980’s, newly-retired city dwellers Denise Poirier and Jean-Paul Rivard bought a home in Saint-Isidore. To please their children they acquired a few goats. As the milk surplus was considerable, the couple started to produce artisanal goat cheese. The facility was named for the blue ribbon which one of their goats was awarded in a competition.

Approx. 100g
Canada (Quebec)