Tomme aux fleurs


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Tomme aux fleurs is a wonderful cheese both inside and out. This cheese is not only original because of its colourful visual appearance but also because of its unique taste.

Made from thermized cow's milk, Tomme aux fleurs brings completely new and delicate flavours. From a small artisanal production and matured for around 6 months in cool cellars, a second period of refining is necessary to add the flowers to the rind and to bring aromas into the paste.

Its tender to firm pale-yellow paste accentuates the multicoloured rind!

FLAVOR: This cheese, which offers you a slightly salty nutty taste, is accompanied by a subtle blend of alpine flowers. It will surprise you with its intense aromas and complex flavours.

HOW TO ENJOY: Great on a tray, this flowery tomme will illuminate your tray for sunny days.It can be paired with a fruity white wine such as Chardonnay.

Approx. 100g