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Three Finger Jack Zinfandel


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Three Finger Jack was a legendary bandit and gunslinger who roamed central California during early days of the Gold Rush during the mid – 1800’s, when thirsty miners first began growing grapes and making wine in the present-day appellations of Lodi, California Like Jack, Zinfandel is a daring and brash wine that is quintessentially California. These old vines, up to 110 year old, have stood the test of time and today make some of the richest and most complex Zinfandel’s in the world
Three Finger Jack Old Vine Zinfandel has aromas of rich black fruits, spice and vanilla which invites daring tasters to the exciting region of Lodi. The palate continues the experience with intense flavors of ripe blackberry, plum, and spice but with a touch of leather and cedar.