St-Marcellin IGP céramique 80g


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The St-Marcellin, a small creamy cheese, gets its name from its birthplace.

Although it is known and commercialized across all of France, it is exclusively made in a specific area including the Isere, Drome and the Savoie. A strong geographic link which in turn grants it the title of IGP (indication géographique protgégée.) That whole area is mainly rural and possesses a lot of grass fields, most of which are used to feed the animals.

The St-Marcelin is a soft bloomy rind cheese, made from whole milk.

Flavour: Moderately salty, the St-Marcellin has a strong flavour. It has a nice complexity but a balanced flavour. Lactic and fruity. Its rind is so thin and delicate that it is barely perceptible while eating and the paste is runny and creamy.

Ways to enjoy: Excellent after a brief time in the oven, with a fresh baguette, accompanied by a light and fruity wine.