Rossini Blue


The Rossini hails from the Lombardy region in the north of Italy, more specifically in the Val Taleggio alpine valley using cow's milk. As this marbled blue cheese is aged over 70 days, it is finely seasoned by being covered in grape marc and brushed with red wine. This gives its naturally light copper-coloured rind hues of deep purple and burgundy while conferring its paste the sweet and full flavour of the fruit. On the inside the Rossini reveal long and thin grey / greenish lines of mold running all the way through the lightly straw-coloured paste. The saltiness and spiciness of the cheese are mellowed out by the sweetness of the fruit in a duet of flavours while remaining bold. Pairs well with a dollop of honey or a piece of fig bread. Can also be paired with a more bitter preserve such as an orange marmalade to heighten the sweetness of the cheese.

Approx. 100g