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Oveja Con Trufa (ewe with truffle) is made in the famous region of La Mancha, well known for its Manchego, in Spain. The milk used to produce this cheese is rich and earthy, with an almost lanolin silkiness, which confers a unique and pure white paste to the Oveja Con Trufa. Aged for at least 4 months, it has a dense texture which melts in the mouth. You will discover summer black truffle veins in the paste. This high end type of truffle gives to this cheese both a subtle and overwhelming truffle flavor.

FLAVOR Oveja Con Trufa has delicate notes which come from sheep milk that balanced well the intensity of the truffle.

HOW TO ENJOY Perfect on a cheeseboard for its beautiful paste, it pairs well with When We Dance Chianti & Vendanges Nocturnes Blanc.