La Magie de Madawaska


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This cheese has a light orange rind and an ivory-coloured paste with a chalky centre which becomes smooth and even runny as it ripens. It features strong wood and farm aromas along with medium-intensity flavours that are lactic, delicately tart and nutty.

Much of the territory where the Fromagerie du Détour is located today was once called “Seigneurie de Madawaska.” By giving this name to their product, the cheesemakers wanted to acknowledge the presence of the Maliseet, who populated the area long before the arrival of the first settlers. Madawaska is also the name of a region that includes part of the Lower St. Lawrence, New Brunswick and Maine. Magie de Madawaska is produced from the milk of a single Jersey cow herd.

Approx. 100g
Canada (Quebec)