Children's Books For Candlelighters Simcoe Parents of Children with Cancer


The THIRD instalment to the "Show a Little Love Today Series" has arrived!

My Name is Blaap...And I am a Monster will be released August 2021


The first day of school can be scary! Well imagine fo you were a monster! Blaap is nervous about his big day. What if he giggles too much and grows three sizes bigger? What if he doesn't make any friends? 

Join Blaap on his first day of School for Magical creatures. You never know, doing something scary might turn out to be the best adventure!

Written by: Jessi Rae Fournier
Illustrated by: Chloe Labeca

Blaap will join the first two instalments Findlay No! and How Morgan Changed Gloomyville where 100% of the book sales go to Candlelighters Simcoe Parents of Children with Cancer. 

To raise more money for Candlelighters Simcoe we are opening sales again for the first two Instalments! Now you can have all the whole series!

Findlay No!

Findlay likes to play with her frogs inside the house or make blanket forts in her room. Her family never wants to join in. Follow Findlay as she encourages her family to try new things and to “Show a Little Love.”

Written by: Jessi Rae Fournier
Illustrated by: Kate Ramos

How Morgan Changed Gloomyville

Gloomyville was you guessed it...Gloooomy! Morgan discovers how to shake off the gloomiess and show Gloomville just how fun being happy can be! Along with his dog Grumly Morgan spreads his Joy through town and your not going to believe what happens next...

Written by: Jessi Rae Fournier
Illustrated by: Kate Ramos

Blaap Stuffy!

Enjoy this adorable Blaap stuffy! In his backpack is a "Show a Little Love Today" Challenge from Blaap! A superhero chocolate made by J'adore AND in a select number purchased, you might win a prize!

Stuffy made locally by Annie Crafts!