Chèvre Grand Affineur


It is in the heart of the Twente, a natural region in the eastern part of the Netherlands, where the Dutch farm of Kaamps is located. This is where this exceptional cheese known as Chèvre Grand Affineur is produced. This jewel, made from firm uncooked pressed dough, is meticulously matured for a minimum of one year, in a lukewarm cellar (+/- 15 ° C), before being marketed to the delight of epicureans. The Chèvre Grand Affineur and its little brother the Kaamps Classic are ideal cheeses to introduce the less adventurous to goat's milk. Indeed, the refining with caramel greatly attenuates the goat taste, typical of goat cheeses, which some fear.

FLAVOR: Unlike most goat cheeses, its paste is much darker and crunchier, revealing a few crystals to the bite. It emanates sweet and roasted notes coming not only from the aging of the cheese, but also from the fact that at the very end of its ripening, the wheels are rubbed with caramel.

HOW TO TASTE IT: Sublime on a platter, this cheese proudly accompanies a champagne just like a Parmesan. Not to mention that it can be grated on pasta, shaved on a nest of arugula, added to fruit salads ... your imagination is the only limit to the culinary possibilities of the Chèvre Grand Affineur!

Approx. 100g