Brasserie Les Acolytes - Clandestina


Clandestina Blonde American Pale Ale

Type : American Pale Ale
Color : Blond beer
Malts/ Hop: Malt : Pale ale 90% and Cara blond 10%. Hop : Cascade – American type with citrus notes.
Alcohol : 5.5%

Process of brewing: High ratio of mashing operation (3 L/KG) to make a strong beer.
Slow and controlled boil for a full starch extraction.
A tiny sugar extraction to make a dry beer.
A tiny dose of sugar is added to make a constance regularity of the final alcohol degree. Two weeks fermentation at 16°C.

Bottling with 5.5 g/L of sugar for a second fermentation. 

Golden color. Dry and complex beer. Clandestina presents flavours and taste of malt and citrus fruits.