Belle Saison


All milk from Isigny Ste-Mère, in Normandy, is collected in less than 48 hours and is transformed in the traditional way upon receipt into butter, cream or cheese. The creation of this cooperative dates back to 1932 and is now made up of 600 farmers.
Belle Saison is the latest addition to the great Isigny cheese family. It is produced in limited quantities, according to their cheese-making know-how, with milk from Normandy cows that graze in the region's pastures. The maturation in the cellar influences this special cheese, and allows the creation of a naturally rustic crust.
Its natural rind is dotted with small holes, and its ivory-colored paste is firm and brittle.

FLAVORS: Its crust gives off a lively and earthy aroma. The flavors are buttery, salty, and there is also a delicious nutty note.

HOW TO TASTE IT: In portions or in cocktails in the form of diced pieces, it meets all desires and all uses.

Pair it with a Pinot Noir or Amber Lager