Aspide Spritz - Silvio Carta - Italy

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The nose gives off citrus groves and Mediterranean scrub together with smooth cinnamon. Very light touches of resin and pine nuts.

Lively, tantalising and enthralling, with a subtle bitter note and an unmistakable savoury hint. There is a prolonged aftertaste of blood orange and zest.

Aspide Spritz shows that borders don’t exist. On the one hand, it recalls the aperitif used in the famous Venetian cocktail loved worldwide, yet on the other, its whorls enclose the scents and flavours of Sardinia, which it conveys to the nose and palate, where they open up in an enveloping and original manner. For those who don’t like mixing, it is also simply perfect served neat, in a large glass with plenty of ice and some orange peel, which goes well with the citrus hints naturally present in Aspide. Also use to make a fun twist on a Negroni!

Imported from Italy 

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