Affine aux Chablis


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A delicious cheese aged in Chablis. Sweet, buttery, earthy. 

The highlight of the cheese is that it is regularly washed with Chablis, a local high-status white wine until the maturing process is over. This bath in wine slowly makes its impact on the yellow-orangish ferments inside the cheese. As it nears maturity, the cheese glows of a deep copper pigmentation to reveal the richness of Burgundian soils.

Once the cheese is removed from the wooden box, it turns extremely creamy and velvety. The texture is dense covered by a soft, moist, orange rind. The mild, savoury flavour perfectly sets off the strong, aromatic smell of the cheese. It goes well with sweet and acidic fruits. It augments the flavour of dry white wines like Chardonnay and of course Chablis.

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