Brasserie Les Acolytes - Road Triple - Blonde


Road Triple Dorée Triple

Type : Triple Belge
Color : Blond beer
Malts/ Hop: Malts : Pilsen, Spécial B, Cara Gold. HoP : Hallertau, Saaz
Yeast : Safale T-58 et S-33
Alcohol : 7.5%


Process of brewing: High ratio of mashing to make a strong beer.
Slow and controlled boil for a full starch extraction.
Extraction of non-fermentable sugars to obtain a smooth and unctuous beer.
Very few added sugar, a single dose allowing the regularity of the final alcohol degree. Two weeks fermentation in a 16°C room.

Bottling with 5.5 g/L of sugar for a second fermentation in the bottle.

A nice amber color. Beautiful on the palate, fleshy and a light sensation of sweetness.