Wine & Cheese Tasting Box with Leaping Horse Chardonnay


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This box is rich and buttery. Prepare yourself for a true foodie journey. 


Leaping Horse Chardonnay: Medium-bodied with a delightful pale-yellow hue, the Leaping Horse Vineyards Chardonnay is bright and crisp from start to finish. It has citrus highlights to green apples, pears and tropical fruit aromas and flavors. The finish hints to a bit of lemon zest and a tight minerality that is enjoyable and refreshing.


Tomme a la Lulu: A goat cheese sprinkled with herbs and peppercorns. Surrounded by a creamy line that leads into a spreadable chalky cheese that is sure to please. 

Fromage a la Truffe Noire: Brie with truffles with its melting texture and creaminess: the cheeses come 3/4 ripened so that the aromas and truffle shavings diffuse slowly throughout the cheese.

Honey Sheep Gouda: Aged sheep gouda from holland with the perfect amount of honeyed sweetness. 


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