Cheese Crisps


Perfect addition to your cheese selections!

Choose between Asiago and Cheddar, Rosemary and Cheddar or Sesame Gruyere.

Asiago and Cheddar: These yummy bite-sized squares are crafted from multiple layers of 100% real aged Asiago and Cheddar cheeses and fresh sourdough, seasoned with cayenne butter and baked twice for "the perfect crunch!"

Rosemary and Cheddar: Rosemary blends well with so many things, but its strong flavour is a perfect complement to the tanginess of the cheddar and asiago cheeses. One flavour does not overpower the other.

Sesame Gruyere: A tantalizing blend of Gruyère and Swiss cheeses, fresh sourdough, grained Dijon mustard and sesame seeds, baked twice for "the perfect crunch." This is a snack cracker you won't soon forget.