Buffalo Mozzarella Woodfire Pizza

Buffalo Mozzarella Woodfire Pizza

Do you enjoy making pizza in the summer? Going a step further and cooking it in a wood fire pizza oven?

We have just cheese to make your pizza extra special!

Buffalo Mozzarella!

What is it?

This cheese is made from the finest Buffalo Milk in Italy. It's fresh in a bine making it the perfect addition to your favourite dishes! 

How to enjoy it? 

-Make a fresh Caprese Salad

-Top your pizza

-Add to your pasta

-or just enjoy it on its own!

Try buffalo milk mozzarella next to the cow milk variety and you’ll quickly notice that there’s really no comparison between the two. Buffalo mozzarella is creamier, softer, and far more flavourful. With a tanginess and depth of flavour that’s all its own. This can be attributed to water buffalo milk’s high fat content — nearly double that of cow’s milk.

Try it today!

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