Ramos Pinto Port 2015


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Very concentrated, dense, lively and fairly opaque color. Young aroma revealing a concentration of red fruits, including a first impact of cherry, currant and prune. In perfect harmony with the fruit, there is also evidence of a floral bouquet of rose and a touch of black pepper. Silky tannins and a long finish. 

Cheese Pairing we suggest

Glass to use for your Port

Alcohol/Vol:19.5% Made In:Portugal By:Adriano Ramos - Pinto Sarl Varietal:Touriga Nacional/Touriga Franca

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The Mezcal-Port Negroni

1.5oz of a smoky Mezcal
1oz Ramos Pinto Port
1oz coffee bean-infused Campari(easy to make, see below)
Orange Twist

Coffee bean-infused Campari

Add 2 whole coffee beans and 4 ounces Campari to glass jar. Cover, and let infuse overnight or up to 24 hours. Strain into clean jar, and discard coffee beans. Sealed, infused Campari will keep indefinitely. Yields 4 ounces.