Mrysine D'Olea liqueur - MUST TRY!


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This is UNBELIVABLE! We have never tasted anything quite like this, it's truly beautiful. It's a must try! 

UPDATE: More coming in the Fall

D’Olea liqueur is a unique product by Myrsine Liquori company, obtained from an infusion of olives and citrus fruits. The creation of this liqueur comes from a wise and genuine intuition of pleasure. Savoring d’Olea, in fact, means finding on the tastebuds a pleasing Sardinian olive feeling that, thanks to the precious contribution of citrus fruits.

Ideal for accompanying evening parties, whether if used as an aperitif or as a cocktail ingredient. D’Olea liqueur, consumed at a nicely cold temperature(no ice), can also refine the moments of quiet meditation after a meal.

  • Region : Sardinia

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