Tequila Tasting Box Featuring Tres Generaciones


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We are celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a rare find! These bottles are not found in the LCBO. Get one while you can!

Tres Generaciones Anejo:

Our Añejo Tequila has a rich, 100% blue agave flavor enhanced by 12 months in toasted American oak barrels where it gains its delicate amber hue, an array of subtle flavors, and its unique smooth, smoky finish.

COLOR: Pale amber
AROMA: Strong toasted oak, light-cooked agave and a hint of caramel-vanilla sweetness
BODY: Round, smooth and complex
TASTE: Full and balanced. Starts with brown sugar, fades soft oak and clean agave
FINISH: Warm oaky finish

We have brought to you a delicious pairing for all foodies and tequila lovers. Bring out the black pepper, sweet and citrus notes with the presented cheeses.