It's That Time of Year! RACLETTE SEASON

It's That Time of Year! RACLETTE SEASON

Raclette is a cool weather tradition (or if you're like me, it can be enjoyed all year round!). 

Raclette is popular Swiss Alps favourite and is now enjoyed around the world. In French ‘to scrape’ translates to ‘racler’ and this is where the term Raclette comes from.

This cheese dates back hundreds of years ago. During the colder months when only potatoes were available. It was said they roasted cheese over the fire then topped their potatoes with the gooey deliciousness for a more filling meal. 

Now Raclette is roasted on a raclette grill with accompaniments: Broccoli, potatoes, cured meats, baguettes and more. 

The perfect way to entertain this holiday season. Put on your comfies, pour your favourite glass of wine, light a fire and enjoy Raclette. 

J'adore sells the Raclette Grills and Raclette Cheese in different flavours!

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